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IV Training on youth advocacy on international level, 3-6 May 2023 in Helsinki, Finland

The International training on Youth Advocacy at an international level aims to provide young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for their rights and concerns effectively. The training was conducted by highly professional experts and young individuals who have previously shared their own experiences and expertise with young people.

The training covered various themes and topics related to advocacy work. Some of the experts who delivered these training sessions include Vassili Golikov from the Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare in Estonia, German Morris from Peace Child Estonia, Balqis Khattab from IKF in Sweden, Susanne Kallanvaara from Burgårdens Gymnasium in Sweden, Aram Karim and Adéle Johanne Mathisen from Socialist Youth, Jenni Kauppila from UNA Finland, Emilia Runeberg from Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo, Ivan Vasilevkikh from Folkevirke in Denmark, and Christian Hansen from Copenhagen Business Academy in Denmark.

One representative from each partner organization participated in the debates on the topic “Youth advocacy is utopia, as decision-makers do not believe in youth?” This discussion provided a platform for participants to explore challenges and perspectives related to youth advocacy and decision-making processes.

The training encompasses four key areas:

  • Youth leadership development
  • Advocacy Education
  • Strengthening youth associations and civil society
  • Promoting youth involvement and participation in decision-making processes

Additionally, perspectives on youth and labor and youth and sustainability were taken into account, providing a comprehensive understanding of the roles and opportunities for youth advocacy.

Youth participants had the opportunity to visit Finnish Development NGOs Fingo and gain practical skills from their advocacy work. Advocacy is a core component of Fingo’s work. By advocating for policies and actions that reduce inequality and promote human rights, Fingo seeks to bring about positive change in developing countries. They actively influence political decision-making processes at the national, European Union (EU), and international levels. Through their advocacy efforts, Fingo aims to find new and innovative solutions for addressing inequality and promoting human rights. By working with stakeholders at various levels, they contribute to shaping policies and initiatives that promote sustainable development and social justice.

By visiting Fingo, the youth participants had the opportunity to learn from a leading organization in the field of advocacy for reducing inequalities and promoting human rights. They gained practical skills and insights into effective advocacy strategies and an understanding of the importance of inclusivity and meaningful participation in decision-making processes.
A visit to Fingo would have provided valuable learning opportunities and inspiration for the participants to further their advocacy efforts and contribute to positive change in their communities and beyond.

The final training session summarized and reflected on previous sessions’ discussions and outcomes. It will also focus on international advocacy work, including understanding how it functions and identifying the key stakeholders to engage with to ensure that youth voices are heard.

Overall, the training empowered young people with the necessary knowledge and practical experience to engage in effective advocacy work at an international level. Focusing on various aspects of youth advocacy aims to strengthen the capacity of young individuals and youth organizations to promote their rights and influence decision-making processes.

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