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Participants of the Youth Advocacy Alliance conference also took part in the Children’s Day celebrations in Porsgrunn. The festival, with its “Walt Disney through 100 Years” theme, provided a delightful and enchanting experience for everyone involved.

The parade, the highlight of the festival, showcased a diverse array of beloved Disney characters, captivating the enthusiastic audience. From Dalmatians to characters from the B-gang, Andeby residents, Snow White and her friends, various versions of Mickey Mouse, animal heroes from The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Ratatouille, and even scary creatures from Monster Farm, the parade featured a rich tapestry of Disney magic. Scenes from Look Up and the iconic Peter Pan added to the visual spectacle. The presence of several bands further enhanced the festive atmosphere with their music and costumes.

In addition to the parade, participants had the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities. There was something for everyone, from a fish pond and lottery to funfair rides and various performances on different stages. The food stalls offering raffle tickets, ice cream, waffles, and hamburgers were a hit among attendees. The success of these sales brought joy to the volunteer contributors and supported the event’s purpose.

Overall, the Children’s Day festival in Porsgrunn provided a truly memorable experience, blending the magic of Walt Disney’s characters with a diverse range of activities and delicious food options. It’s heartwarming to know that the participants of the Youth Advocacy Alliance conference had the opportunity to be part of such a joyful celebration.

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