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3rd of June 2023 from 11.45 – 13.15 by international partners

Workshop 1 – “Changing patterns in the field of youth” (by Vassili Golikov, Estonia)
* In the workshop, we will discuss changes in the youth field and what opportunities and risks can be seen in it (after COVID, in time of crises etc). The keywords are services in the youth field, introduction of digital opportunities, needs and expectations of the field.

Venue: Porsgrunn Culture School

Workshop 4 – “Mental Health and support training” (by Laura Rajala, Finland)
* The aim is to create and maintain physical and thus intellectual and mental health. The knowledge, tools and practical exercises have a direct effect on mind and to make you calmer, more balanced and happier in time when you need to find solution how to overcome mental disorders and depressions..

Venue: Porsgrunn Culture School (Dance Hall)

Workshop 3– “Intercultural training” (by Ivan Vasilevskikh, Denmark)
* This workshop is how to work in a diverse place/with a diverse group of people, and be inclusive and how can you work towards that no one will be left behind? In this interactive workshop, we will go together on an inner journey and discuss with each other the out comes.

Venue: Porsgrunn Culture School