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Culture & Networking programm


Children’s Day has been a famous festival in Porsgrunn since 1946. This year’s theme, “Walt Disney through 100 Years”, characterized the parade street with an impressive parade.

An enthusiastic audience got to meet a large group of Dalmatians, several B gangs, famous characters from Andeby, Snow White and Alice and her friends, several Mickey Mouse variants, heroes from the animal world in The Jungle Book, The Lion King and Ratatouille, scary creatures from Monster Farm, scenes from Look Up and green-clad Peter Pan. And many bands set the mood with both music and costumes.

In addition to the costume parade, children and families could enjoy the fish pond, lottery, funfair, music, dance, and comedy on various stages. Raffle tickets, ice cream, waffles, and hamburgers were sold out to the delight of volunteer contributors and the event’s purpose.


Networking programm includes also various creative workshops.

Speed meetings and Slow meetings at 18.30 pm each day in VIC HOTEL

Collaboration activities (preparation of projects, running partnership meetings.) – during the dinner and in evening