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Registration for the youth conference has begun on 1-4th June 2023 in Norway

The final grant event of the project “Youth Advocacy Alliance” is an International conference “YOUTH NOT AS A PROBLEM, BUT THE SOLUTION!” , what is taking place on the 1-4th of May 2023 in Porsgrunn, Norway, which aim is to explore the implementation of the Child and youth participation strategies during crisis and recommendations for decision makers in the Nordic region and to raise awareness about the importance of involving youth people and vulnerable groups fully in the decision making process at different levels and to support youth communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European (Nordic-Baltic).

Young people will hear inspiring speeches and discuss important themes related to youth advocacy and how to improve their own capacity by gaining necessary skills, equal treatment, good governance and understanding practical secrets on how to collaborate with decision makers, business representative and stakeholders for ensuring youth friendly environment and wellbeing. Young people will be providing to the government representatives and interested bodies their own perspective and vision on youth future, feedback and innovative solutions on the questions related with youth interests in all fields. We will also discuss the possibility of creation of the European Youth Parliament and initiatives for social change and how to lift the future of young politicians and leaders. Participants will finally present the Youth advocacy toolkit (an integral part of each meeting) and final version of the Youth Advocacy Statement and their recommendation on Child and youth participation strategies during crisis, by giving their own feedback on just recently published document by Nordic Council.

The Youth Conference will be a series of events that will happen during 3-days and will include an intensive program of official discussions in the frame of international conference*, workshops conducted by international partners and local hosts, study visits and development of new project proposals plus networking. Special attention will be dedicated to presentation of Youth Advocacy toolkit prepared by international partners in frame of the project programm what will be one of the major outcomes of the program, together with youth local Citizens’ action plans, which will be submitted to the Nordic Council and various national, international and governmental organizations, and the media.

Official agenda you could find here: Conference agenda

Registration is open until 30th May 2023 on webpage here

The event is welcoming for representatives of young people and NGO’s across Nordic and Estonia, experts, researchers, policymakers, and people involved in field of youth work, It aims to create open and inspiring dialogues, sharing experiences, and create certain practices, youthwork, educational, cultural techniques for the future, and formulate recommendations for public policies, which will facilitate more complex inclusion and cohesion through work with children, young people, and vulnerable groups.  Additionally we will visit Institutions working with sustainability advocacy policies and questions on international level

Registration will be opened on 30nd of May 2023 at 11.00 am (GMT+3).

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